Hello CAPL Members,

Below is a link to some templates relating to supporting the Kinder Morgan Pipeline.  These were created, and some of the verbiage below was created by representatives from, one of the major oil and gas companies.  I hope you take a few minutes to read the letters, consider the content, and send the appropriate letter(s) to the appropriate parties.   The anti-Canadian pipeline messages that are in the media and propagated by environmentalists are ludicrous and we need to stand up for our industry because it is the right thing to do for our entire Country!

Canadians need to know:

The Canadian Oil and Gas  industry is the most highly regulated industry in Canada and in the World. ( How does that compare to Venezuela, or Saudi, or Russia or even the US)

Our Canadian livelihoods, our Canadian standard of living, including education, health, medical care, roads etc. will be ( are)  significantly jeopardized if we do not make our voices known. O&G resources matter to each of us.

There has  been a ton of media coverage relating to the vigorous debates taking place between Provincial governments about the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline. The Trans Mountain Expansion Project received Federal government approval based on strong scientific evidence and was deemed in the national interest having completed extensive and comprehensive environmental, stakeholder and regulatory reviews.

Canadians care deeply about environmental protection and the local communities where we live and work. I believe the right balance can be achieved between environmental protection and a prosperous economy that enables market access for Canada’s resources and jobs for Canadians.

The value of Canada’s oil and natural gas resources is extremely important and critical to its long-term prosperity. The industry is making significant strides in reducing its environmental footprint, while creating hundreds of thousands of jobs for Canadians AND significantly adding to provincial and federal government revenues – Revenues that are important in funding healthcare and education etc..

Canada’s resources have always been safely and responsibly developed with world leading standards under very comprehensive regulatory oversights. The industry’s ability to innovate and leverage technology has, and will continue to reduce its environmental footprint.

Click Here to view templates on the Energy In Action Page.

Sign up for Canada Action and Energy Citizens:   https://www.canadaaction.ca/  http://www.energycitizens.ca/

Thank you and please encourage your family, friends, and neighbours to show their support as well.

Nikki Sitch, BComm(PLM), PSL, P.Land
Chair, CAPL Energy in Action Committee