Yesterday the highlight was not me making the 5, 6 and 11 pm news on Global TV but the fact that a huge crowd of supporters were there from every facet of oil & gas. The organizers were @CanadaAction and @Rally4Resources and included speakers James from Canada Action and Michelle Rempel Federal Conservative MP, Shaye Anderson Municipal Affairs NDP MLA, Prasad Panda UCP Energy Critic MLA, Jason Kenney UCP Leader, and #OilSandsAction manager. Five messages brought it home to me. My role was two-fold. One was as an Albertan enjoying over 38 years in the Oil & Gas industry and two, as the CAPL President. Key messages I took away were One, “This is a Canadian project, not just an AB or BC project. The nationwide implications are we get this done or we fail as a country and devolve into separate tariff swinging provinces shooing away investors by the thousands with our protectionist motives rather than a free trade, enterprise encouraging group of Canadians.” Two, “Jim Carr needs to quit delaying. Impose or invoke Federal sanctions; move court troubles to the Supreme Court now; take back the $4.1B cheque to BC; and show the world we are open for business. Getting our oil and NG to world markets means we can support Canadian initiatives like hospitals and hockey arenas and stop providing them to the USA just because they say so.” Three, “We need to contact the Liberals in Ottawa, none of whom supported the oilsands, by Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, email and tell them to act.” Four, “We need to talk to our relatives in Ontario and Quebec and tell them why this matters. If we don’t know one else will.”  Five, “Be ready to vote next year.” I know number Five is not a normal course of business but I am telling you what will make a difference – what you do with it is up to you. We need a change in Alberta, and we need a change in Ottawa. Period.

In any case, please look forward to seeing contact lists on the CAPL website of who to contact, and templates to use to do so. Also please support Vivian Krause (the CAPL website shows how to do so) and Canada Action as they partner with us to provide facts, focus and actions so we can make a difference to our communities for Oil & Gas and beyond.

I saw some first -time ralliers there yesterday and I think they all took in a positive experience.

CAPL – remembering our solid past, practising our professional present and forging new ways forward.  Today is our day. Let’s celebrate it together as CAPL.