While Canada grapples with its inability to build energy infrastructure the US is a different story.  Take a look at  KeepSandpointRolling.com.  Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) is proposing to twin the rail bridge over the Pend Oreille Lake at Sandpoint Idaho.  Currently the one track is creating congestion on either side of the lake.  Sandpoint is the convergence of BNSF and Montana link which brings three lines into Sandpoint.  The resurgence of the US economy has increased rail traffic in the NW US and this has led to considerable backups for trains crossing the bridge.  Currently the rail will see upwards of a crossing hourly with a considerable amount of those shipments containing oil from the Bakken in North Dakota.  Such a project in Canada would be very difficult if not impossible to complete.  But the US takes a different approach.  The concept of Eminent Domain will no doubt come into play.  The greater good for the greater number.  Something Canada does not appreciate, at least our current federal and some provincial leaders. 

BNSF submitted the permitting packages in December of 2017.  “The permitting agencies will drive the process, including opportunities for public comment. We’ll continue to communicate with the North Idaho community, local tribes, our customers, and affected stakeholders about the status of the project.”

Sandpoint Junction Connector Project    https://keepsandpointrolling.com/