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Conference Chair's Message

I am honored to have been afforded the opportunity to chair the 2018 CAPL Conference in Regina Saskatchewan. Our Western Canadian energy business is deeply rooted in the province of Saskatchewan and its capital city of Regina. On behalf of the 2018 CAPL Conference Committee, I invite you to join us in Regina this September as we experience “Growing Possibilities”, the 2018 CAPL Annual Conference. In September of 1984, at just its 6th conference, the members of the CAPL visited the city of Regina to celebrate their annual conference under the theme “The Professional Landman: The Next Step”. 2018 is our 39th annual conference as an association and I think we were overdue for a visit back to the Queen City. Following up on the success of the 2017 conference in Calgary, I believe Regina is the perfect “Next Step”.

As land professionals, one of our biggest resources is our people. We have been a voluntary professional organization for over 50 years and our successes are largely attributed to the generous efforts of our members. In times of economic and geopolitical uncertainty one thing we can look to is the stability of our networks and the relationships we have built within our association. From its inception, the CAPL’s mandate has been to provide and promote activities to enhance the value of its membership and promote the role of the Land profession in Canada. As a group, we encourage fellowship and cooperation among our members through association-sponsored activities like the annual conference. This year we have developed a conference that is progressive in nature, focuses on relevant educational topics, and engages entrepreneurial minded speakers; elements that are purposefully designed to promote the role of the Landman. 

Our host hotel, The Hotel Saskatchewan, boasts a level of quality that is second to none. The long Canadian history and the central location of the hotel provide the perfect combination for our diverse program. This historical building, built in the late 1920’s, is sure to offer a memorable backdrop for our first conference in the province of Saskatchewan in 34 years.

All of these endeavors of the CAPL are accomplished through the hard work and dedication of the Board of Directors, the office staff, and most importantly, the volunteer members of the various committees that oversee the planning of the 2018 conference.  A massive personal thank you to the amazing committee chairs, Jeff Rideout, Marilyn Gosling, Kelly Pypers, Steve Brisebois, and Marah Graham. We look forward to seeing you in Regina as we experience “Growing Possibilities” the 2018 CAPL annual conference.

Wayne Ellis
2018 Conference Chair