Sunday School Courses (8:30am - 10:30am)

Professional Ethics
Dr. Gary Lepine
2 Credits

This seminar is intended to increase the understanding of ethics and ethical behavior by stimulating the ethical thought process. We will also be reviewing methods used in ethical decision making, and providing a forum for discussions with respect to land related ethical issues.

Saskatchewan Regulations: Ministry of Energy and Resources
2 Credits

This seminar will provide an overview of the Saskatchewan Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulations. It will be an overview of the land tenure system, lease continuation, posting and bidding on Crown Land. It will also provide the opportunity to have some direct personal engagement between the crown and industry.

Pad Sharing Agreement Review and Summary
Lorraine Grant and Jim MacLean
2 Credits

Industry is drilling increasingly from shared well pads in which wells and facilities are not held in common interests, this is been done to mitigate the environmental footprint and to optimize operating efficiencies. This session will walk you through the PJVA and CAPL Pad sharing agreement which can be efficiently and effectively used as a starting point for Pad sharing agreements.



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