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2018 Conference Speakers

Brad Wall - Former Saskatchewan Premier

Brad Wall was first elected Premier of Saskatchewan in the November 2007 provincial election. His government was re-elected in the 2011 provincial election with 64% of the popular vote and in the 2016 provincial election with 62% of the popular vote – the highest percentages of any political party in Saskatchewan history.

Premier Wall’s government can point to a remarkable list of achievements, including:

  • The largest personal income and property tax cuts in the history of Saskatchewan
  • The second-best job creation rate in Canada over the last decade after Saskatchewan had the worst job creation rate among provinces the decade previous;
  • Saskatchewan receiving a AAA credit rating from Moody’s Investors Service for the first time; the highest level possible for a provincial government;
  • Population growth of 163,000 people in the last 10 years – more growth than the previous 75 years combined;
  • Implementing a Patients’ First Review of the province’s health care system and reducing surgical wait times from the longest in Canada to among the shortest;
  • The most aggressive youth retention program in the country to ensure Saskatchewan’s young people stay and work in the province; and
  • Record infrastructure spending to improve roads, schools, hospitals and senior's facilities all across Saskatchewan.

Premier Wall is also a passionate advocate for the province’s most vulnerable, often saying that the purpose of pursuing economic growth is to “secure a better quality of life for all Saskatchewan people.”

His government created a new direct income support for people with disabilities called the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) program, eliminated service wait lists for those with intellectual disabilities and have increased autism support and services by 1500%

During the last few years, Premier Wall has been consistently rated as Canada’s most popular premier in public opinion polls. He has earned a national reputation as a forceful and articulate defender of Saskatchewan’s and Canada’s trade interests, particularly in the areas of energy and agriculture. He has been a vocal opponent of the federal government’s plan to impose a job-killing carbon tax on Saskatchewan.

Premier Wall was first elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature in 1999, representing the constituency of Swift Current. Prior to entering elected politics, he was active in his local business community and involved in service work spanning local events, economic development and health care recruitment.

Premier Wall was born and raised in Swift Current, which is in Saskatchewan’s southwest. He still lives there with his wife, Tami. He and his wife have three children.

Premier Wall received his post-secondary education at the University of Saskatchewan, where he earned an Honours degree in Public Administration.

In his spare time, Premier Wall enjoys spending his time with family, reading, cooking, golfing, and cheering for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Murad Al-Katib - President and CEO 
AGT Food & Ingredients Inc.

Murad Al-Katib, President, CEO and Board member of AGT Food and Ingredients Inc. A strategic business and financial thinker in an international agri-food commodity trading business, Murad founded AGT Foods in 2001, building a Canadian start-up into a global billion dollar value-added pulses, staple foods and ingredients company. 

Murad serves as Chair of the Government of Canada National Agri-Food Strategy Roundtable, on the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada Board and as the Economic Development Regina Board Chair. Past Boards Murad has served on include the CSCA, Pulse Canada and a number of Canadian Government advisory boards and panels including Chairing the Advisory Board for Small and Medium Enterprise for the Canadian Minister of International Trade, participating as a panel member for the Government of Canada’s renewal of Canada’s Global Commerce Strategy, and on the Advisory Committee for the Review of the Canada Transportation Act for the Minister of Transport.

Murad’s has received a number of prestigious awards including the 2017 Saskatchewan Order of Merit, an Honorary Degree from the University of Regina recognizing his work as a humanitarian and entrepreneur, the 2017 “Oslo Business for Peace” Honouree, 2017 EY “World Entrepreneur of the Year” after being named National and Prairie Region “Entrepreneur of the Year”, 2016 UN Association of Canada “Global Citizen Laureate”, PROFITGuide Magazine’s “30 Most Fabulous Entrepreneurs of the Past 30 Years” list, the Globe & Mail “Canada’s Top 40 under 40” and the Western Producer “44 Innovators Who Shaped Prairie Agriculture”.

Kelly Ogle - President
Canadian Global Affairs Institute

Kelly J. Ogle is the President of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, and a senior executive and scholar with more than 35 years of entrepreneurial experience covering several business sectors including oil and gas, agriculture, trucking, residential development and golf course construction and operations. He has also served as a board member for various corporations, both public and private and has experience in all committee types; health and safety, audit, compensation and corporate governance. Mr. Ogle has also participated in the securing and disbursement of more than $1 billion in debt and equity funding of oil and gas ventures, managed the clearing of numerous prospectuses, Annual Information Forms and Information Circulars. As well, he has orchestrated the merger, acquisition, strategic alternatives processes and/or sale of numerous oil and gas corporations as CEO, President and/or Managing Director.

Additionally, for the past 25 years, Mr. Ogle has given numerous presentations to various sized groups as both an industry executive and scholar and has had several journal articles published. He is the Chairman of the board of Silvera for Seniors, a not for profit organization in charge of over 1600 residences for low income senior Calgarians, and is the former Chairman of the Board of Student Energy, a global non-profit organization creating a movement of young leaders committed to transitioning the world to a sustainable energy future.

Sean Burke -  General Manager, Canadian Olympic Men's Hockey Team and Former NHL Goaltender


Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, Sean Burke has had a long and varied career within hockey. After being drafted by the New Jersey Devils in 1985, Sean began playing internationally for Canada at the World Juniors in Hamilton in 1986. A mainstay between the pipes for the Canadian National Team, Sean competed in the World Championships in 1987, 1989, 1991, 1997, 2003, the 1988 Calgary and 1992 Albertville Winter Olympic Games and the 1991 Canada Cup. Sean is the Canada’s all-time goaltending leader in games played (35), minutes played (1,991) and wins (21) at the IIHF World Championships. Sean played 18 seasons in the NHL, playing in 820 games and was named an All Star 3 times. No stranger to dealing with pressure, Sean knows the importance of performing at ones highest level.

Transitioning off the ice, Sean joined the Arizona Coyotes as the director of player development and goaltending coach. Back with Hockey Canada, Sean joined Hockey Canada’s “Program of Excellence” management group, going on to finish with gold medals in 2015 & 2016, a silver medal at the 2017 World Championships, while complimenting his trophy case with a Spengler Cup Championship in 2016 as the General Manager. Excelling with uncertainty and knowing how to compete, Sean was most recently the General Manager of the Canadian Men’s National Team which brought home a Bronze medal at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeong Chang, South Korea.

Married to wife Christy, Sean has three children and two step-children and currently calls Arizona home. His goaltending genes have been passed on to his son Brendan, who is a goaltender for the University of Alberta men’s hockey team. 

Breakout Sessions

Natural Gas Market Diversification

Presented by: Cameron Gingrich, Director, Natural Gas Services,  Solomon Associates

It used to be that natural gas producers were satisfied selling their hydrocarbons at AECO with little motivation towards market diversification, letting the marketer and end user take delivery of the gas at the hub. Fewer shippers and higher costs further eroded profits until more forward-looking producers started moving transportation away from AECO to hubs in places like Ontario, Oregon and Chicago. With the rise of US shale gas flowing into Ontario and Quebec, market diversification and growth into LNG projects, power generation and oilsands activity will be critical to the future success of Western Canada’s natural gas industry.

The 2017 Property Transfer Procedure: A Summary Guide

Presented by: Jim MacLean, Senior Advisor Repsol Oil & Gas Inc.

A look at the context for the potential efficiencies to be gained from use of the 2017 CAPL Property Transfer Procedure for the typical low to modest value, straightforward producing property and undeveloped lands transactions for which it was designed. The breakout session will also provide a conceptual review of the major provisions of the 2017 CAPL Property Transfer Procedure, with a particular focus on the enhancements in the 2017 document relative to the 2000 version. This review is largely designed to offer attendees comfort and confidence with the 2017 version of the document, so that they are best positioned to use it in the near term for the transactions for which it was designed.

Corporate Diversity: A Working Group Discussion

Presented by: Cindy Gray, Managing Director, CEO & Founder of 5 Quarters Investor Relations

Diversity is front and centre in our society today. In the workplace, diversity plays a big role in corporate governance, team dynamics and can ultimately affect a company's success. To start the working group, participants will hear from energy industry executives who will share their experiences with workplace diversity. Following these presentations, the executives will lead the group through a series of thought provoking questions which will bring about meaningful conversation. How do we approach professionals from different generations? Should there be quotas in the workplace? This progressive session is extremely relevant in today’s corporate environment and will surely provide participants with a unique educational experience.

Going Beyond LLR: Importance of Early Estimation of Asset Retirement Obligations in A&D

Presented by: Jennifer Baerg; XI Technologies and Mike Newton; 360 Energy Liability Management

The Alberta Energy Regulator’s LLR program was developed to prevent Alberta taxpayers from assuming liability for suspension, abandonment, and remediation and reclamation costs from defunct Licensees. In essence, the LLR is a ratio of the Licensee’s deemed asset value to its deemed liabilities. However, when applied during an A&D transaction, the formula currently used to calculate the Alberta LLR rating leaves out, or under-estimates, some potentially costly closure items. Relying solely on LLR figures when analyzing A&D transactions could leave companies with an incomplete picture, leading to unintended negative effects on long-range corporate financial planning and risk management. Landmen can play an important part of the evaluation process and this presentation will explore various ways to save time in the data room, identify red flags in a potential asset or partner and provide an overview of current practices in A&D liability assessment.

The Redwater Decision

Presented by: Paul Negenman and Lewis Manning

What began in May 2016 when the Alberta Queens bench ruled in favour of the bankruptcy trustee representing Redwater Energy Corp., the "Redwater Decision" has turned into hot button case in the Supreme Court of Canada. The AER's appeal is based on the ruling setting the dangerous precedent that would essentially allow companies to shirk responsibilities that come with a licence to operate in Alberta's energy industry. This course will summarize the case, the anticipated decision and it's wide spread reach across the Canadian energy industry. The outcome of this case won't be soon forgotten.

Species at Risk Act Panel Discussion

Presented by: Matti Lemmens, Partner, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Robin Reese, AECOM and Carol Engstrom, Wildlife and Environmental Biologist. 

The Species at Risk Act (SARA) will affect your development if a deemed species at risk is found at any time throughout the year on a property in which you have an interest. This may lead to timing restrictions, activity curtailment and may ultimately impact the value of an asset.
The purpose of the SARA is to prevent wildlife species in Canada from disappearing, to provide for the recovery of wildlife species that are endangered, or threatened as a result of human activity. How has this act or its concepts already been applied/enforced in areas where some species at risk reside such as sage grouse and caribou? Where are the driving factors for this act coming from? What other species could potentially surface? The panel consist of experts that deal with the day to day issues but understand the overarching future concerns to Oil & Gas development.

What is Blockchain? An Overview of Applications in the Oil & Gas Sector

Presented by: Elena Dumitrascu, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer at TerraHub.

What do organizations and business leaders need to be aware of in order to maximize the value of Blockchain technologies? Blockchain is being compared to the "new internet" for its ability to change the world. From its start in CrypoCurrency, Blockchain technology has moved quickly beyond just that into multiple industries. The potential uses for Blockchain are growing and not showing any signs of slowing down. This could have significant implications for the oil and gas industry, especially coupled with related technologies such as AI and IOT. This talk will focus on what is Blockchain, where and how it can help improve your business today, and the potential it may hold in the years to come. This is not the opportunity to miss out on.

Reconciliation, Decolonization and Other 6 Syllable Words my Grandfather Never Taught Me

Presented by: Bill Laurin, Commercial Lawyer & Business Advisor, EnerNEXT Partners

Starting with the Hudson's Bay Charter in 1670 and working towards our current day situation, a series of key historical proclamations, Acts and Declarations continue to shape the rights, interests and influence of Canada’s Indigenous People. This presentation will lay the foundation for the concepts of Indigenous reconciliation and decolonization in relation to resource development, and offer insights into future trends, and how they relate to consultation practices and consent requirements. Whether a surface or mineral Land professional, you won't want to miss this presentation.

Big Data and the Oilpatch: The Future is Now

Presented by: Rob Burton, Cognitive Solutions Specialist, Natural Resources Solution Centre, IBM Canada 

Our industry produces vast amounts of data: drilling data, reservoir data, landsale data, production data; the list goes on. The ability to leverage that data by producing information to garner insight is what allows companies to squeeze the most out of their assets and evaluations. Data analytics has transformed many industries and the energy industry is seeing its affect today. This session will highlight how data analytics is transforming work flows and driving costs down in the oil patch.

Land Leaders Panel Discussion

Moderator: Pat Burgess, Burgess Energy Advisors
Panel: Margaret Elekes, Surge Energy Inc., Ken McNeill, Karve Energy Inc. and Drew Tumbach, Tourmaline Oil Corp.

This panel discussion will explore various topics from the Landman as the Business person, the changing dynamics of the Land function and staying competitive in today’s world. The panel will be composed of senior Energy industry executives, all with roots as Landmen. It will also touch on the career paths of our panelist and where they see our industry headed. Be ready for an open dialogue and frank conversation.