Negotiations: The Essential Skill for Landmen


  • May 30, 2017 from 8:30am to 4:30pm


If you are on the front line conducting negotiations or are a member of the "support team", you must understand the negotiating process and how you can contribute. Whether this is your first exposure to training in negotiation or even if you have taken negotiation courses in the past, this presentation is intended for all professionals who wish to gain a further understanding of the process and how the process can be managed to the mutual benefit of the negotiators.


This seminar will provide participants with an understanding of the process of negotiating and will introduce them to the skills required to achieve outstanding agreements.

Topics will include:

  • Hard, soft and creative negotiating - what are the differences?
  • When to negotiate, when not to
  • Principles of creative negotiating
  • Clarifying interests, issues and positions
  • Probing for the interests of the other person
  • Negotiating the process
  • Creating options
  • Implementing agreements
  • Measuring the outcomes of the negotiation
  • Constituents, stakeholders and bystanders
  • Alternatives to negotiating
  • Power in the negotiating relationship
  • Your best and worst alternatives to negotiating
  • Communications skills in negotiating
  • Pure bargaining strategies (tactics)

Instruction will involve short presentations, case discussions, practice negotiations and video clips. Participants will be fully engaged throughout the program.

Registration Fee includes beverages and snacks.


Nadine Ryan Bannerman, M.Ed

Nadine Ryan Bannerman, M.Ed (Adult Education) has worked with the Centre for Creative Negotiating for close to 18 years as a facilitator and consultant specializing in conflict and negotiation.  Nadine has facilitated in the oil and gas industry for most of the major oil and gas companies, academic and health care sectors, for entrepreneurial organizations and internationally in conflict situations.  She has also completed training in Advanced Negotiations through the Harvard University Negotiation Project Program of Instruction for Lawyers.

CAPL Credits: 6 Credits
AAPL Credits: 6 Credits
Fee: CAPL Member $350 plus GST
  Non-Member $450 plus GST
This course has been Cancelled.