LLR/LMR: Changing the Numbers


  • March 02, 2017 from 8:30am to 4:30pm


This seminar is intended for all surface, reservoir savvy mineral and all contract and JV landmen.  The reach of these overlapping regulatory curve balls is into each of these corporately responsible disciplines.  Those who are responsible for analyzing various situations in which liability or risk issues may arise and recommending or implementing appropriate corporate responses thereto.  In the current A&D market the application to due diligence is priceless.

What:  LLR/LMR - Changing the Numbers

- How are these numbers actually calculated?

- How do they determine security and deposit requirements?

- How do they determine my Orphan Fund Levy?

- How do they effect acquisition and divestment?


- How can a working interest partner (WIP) wreak havoc on MY LLR/LMR?

This seminar will be presented in two parts?

1. The morning will be devoted to a presentation of precise calculations to understand to working components when calculating: LLR - LMR - OFL (Orphan Fund Levy) what their effect is on securities and deposits, how they affect acquisitions and divestments.

2. The afternoon workshop session will be spent reviewing examples calculating then re-calculating liability reduction examples.  Then mapping out a checklist which can be used for analyzing and responding these liability scenarios.  We will also focus on the impact working interest partners can have on your LLR/LMR.

Registration Fee includes beverages and snacks.


Deidre A. Macht

Deidre is an ISO 14001 Lead Auditor which has influenced most of her contracts over the last 15 years.  Deidre is currently the contract Instructor for "Environment Health and Safety Concerns in Oil and Gas I & II".  These courses are required as part of the Applied Bachelor Degree in Petroleum Engineering and the Petroleum Engineering Technology programs at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, MacPhail School of Energy.  She has designed and developed these courses herself.  They are a reflection of EH&S federal, provincial and municipal compliance requirements.  Over the last 8 years she has coordinated both an Oil and Gas internal advisory group along with a Synergy Group for Oil and Gas development in and around the City of Calgary.  Taking an integral role in all intercity and proximity locations dealing with Oil, Gas and Sour Gas well(s) or pipeline applications within municipal limits.  Over the last 30 years she has worked with and trained a variety of Energy companies, First Nations Energy Bands and regulatory compliance boards across North America.  She has provided compliance data modeling assistance to CAPP, CAPL, AEW, SEPAC and the AER.  Deirdre is currently chair of the "SEC One Voice" - A Stakeholder Engagement Committee comprised of an amalgamation of energy industry associations and synergy groups.

CAPL Credits: 6 Credits
AAPL Credits: 6 Credits
Fee: CAPL Member $350 plus GST
  Non-Member $450 plus GST
This course is Complete.