Directive 056: AER Energy Development Applications Public Consultation Requirements (PSL®)


  • April 05, 2018 from 8:30am to 4:30pm


This seminar is designed for land agents, land administrators, operations engineers as well as any other personnel who may be responsible for AER applications or regulatory compliance issues.


The AER (the "Board") believes that appropriate notification and public consultation must be conducted well in advance of the submission of an application to the AER. It must be thorough enough to allow all parties who are affected to be sufficiently aware of not only the proposed project, but the Board process as well. The Board believes that the public must have sufficient information to participate meaningfully in the decision making process, to voice their concerns and have their concerns heard and properly addressed, and if possible, resolved. The proponent's information must be extensive, consistent, factual and must be disclosed in a timely manner, and if the proposal is part of a larger project, the proponent should be prepared to discuss the entire project and explain how its components compliment other energy development plans in the area. This seminar helps proponents understand the public consultation requirements, expectations of the AER and assists companies in completing the application or audit processes for regulatory compliance.

Registration Fee includes beverages and snacks.


Andrew Fulford, PSL

Andrew Fulford is currently employed at Birchcliff Energy Ltd. as the Manager of Surface Land.  He has been active in surface land since 1985 and has experience managing surface land teams at both large and small energy companies and at land brokerages.  Recently Andrew has been an instructor at CAPL, SAIT and CAPLA and has designed various courses for certificate programs, seminars and on-line training programs.

CAPL Credits: 6 Credits
AAPL Credits: 6 Credits
Fee: CAPL Member $325 plus GST
  Non-Member $425 plus GST