Alberta First Nation & Metis Settlement Consultation Luncheon *New Course


  • May 15, 2018 from 11:00am to 1:30pm


This seminar is suitable for all professionals involved in land and natural resources development, that work within or wish to learn about the Government of Alberta regulatory consultation process.


This seminar is intended to increase the understanding of the Government of Alberta's First Nation and Metis Settlement Consultation process. Topics covered include: who is the Aboriginal Consultation office; what do they do; why consult; Alberta's consultation process (including the ACO-AER relationship); continuous improvement (process changes, policy renewal) and advice for success.

Registration Fee includes beverages and snacks.

Materials for this course will be provided electronically.

Due to high demand, this course will be held at a ConocoPhillips Auditorium, further details will be sent to registrants. This session will still be capped so be sure to register today! 


Amanda Spyce (BA, MSc):

Amanda Spyce is the Southern Region Section Lead in the Aboriginal Consultation Office, Indigenous Relations. Ms. Spyce is an economist with almost 15 years' experience in land and natural resource development, both the private and public sector. She has a background in natural resource policy development, regulatory consultation and relationship building. Over the years, Amanda has learned a lot from working with indigenous communities across Alberta, Yukon, NWT and BC.
We all want to be good stewards of the land and by working together it is possible to develop non-renewal resources like oil and gas in a responsible way that considers the needs of today and future generations. How de we do this? Through meaningful consultation.

Dennis Leask:

Dennis Leask is an Approval Specialist with the Aboriginal Consultation Office, Indigenous Relations. Mr. Leask has a diploma in Forestry Technology and has worked for the ACO for over 5 years. He has a detailed understanding of the regulatory consultation required for Public Lands Act. If you have submitted more than one PLA application - chances are that Dennis has reviewed your file! Key advice from Dennis? Read and follow the PROPONENT GUIDE! 

CAPL Credits: 3 Credits
AAPL Credits: 3 Credits
Fee: CAPL Member $35 plus GST
  Non-Member $50 plus GST
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