Indigenous Rights Update: Reconciliation, Decolonization and What Comes Next (PSL®)(Breakfast)*NEW COURSE


  • March 05, 2019 from 8:00am to 10:00am


This session is especially useful for those interacting with Aboriginal governments, businesses and communities, and helps in building positive relationships to enhance effectiveness with Aboriginal people.


After an overview of Canadian history, the current balance that has been struck by Canadian Courts regarding the rights, interests and influence of Canada's Indigenous People is examined with a view to laying the foundation for discussions on the emerging reconciliation and decolonization initiatives and their potential impacts on resources development. Offering insights on upcoming legislative changes and policy trends, this presentation will give context to ongoing developments in consultation practices, potential consent requirements and the trend towards indigenous participation in industry joint ventures.

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William Laurin, EnerNEXT Partners

William M. Laurin is a senior energy and natural resource professional with 25 years of private legal practice and general counsel experience specializing in Western Canadian natural resource transactions and joint ventures, including private equity funded exploration, production, infrastructure and service partnerships with indigenous communities. Prior to practicing law Mr. Laurin spent a number of years in industry as an exploration geophysicist, and his combined technical, business and legal background and experience give him broad exposure to proactive risk management, governance and compliance, dispute resolution and litigation management. He regularly publishes and present scholarly and business development articles, both nationally and internationally, on a variety of topics of interest to the energy industry. He currently practices with the EnerNEXT Partners in Calgary.

CAPL Credits: 2 Credits
AAPL Credits: 2 Credits
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