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Message from the Conference Chair:

Plans are once again under way for the next CAPL Conference to be held in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador in September 2016.  Although the signals are mixed for oil price recovery next year, in the spirit of resilience and innovation, dominate characteristics of the oil patch in Western Canada of which we should be rightly proud, the CAPL Board of Directors and the 2016 Conference Committee will find ways to present an exciting, engaging and educational conference… Navigating the Future.

Making money in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin has always been a challenge. It’s a testament to the tenacity of all of those who took risks that we have been able to establish the industry we have today.  Canada’s oil and gas industry provides jobs to thousands from all over the world, supports Alberta and Canada financially and is said to be the economic engine of our country.  In spite of the current situation, business goes on every day.   We have done and will continue to conduct our business mindful of all the stakeholders:  investors, shareholders, employees, colleagues, landowners, the Provincial regulators and the environment.  We simply have to walk the talk – it is our efficiencies that make exploration in our basin attractive.

The 2016 Conference may not be the same as those we have enjoyed over the last few years – we think it will be better:  crisis builds comradery!   It will be this creative approach to a successful conference in the current atmosphere.  It is important to continue with our 37 year tradition of conferences.

We’ll manage our budget very closely, work with the Sheraton Hotel to control costs, find resourceful approaches to raise funds, and deliver a solid program that will engage and educate all attendees.

Together now and at the 2016 CAPL Conference, we show:

  • The CAPL is optimistic about the future of our industry;
  • We’re maintaining a positive outlook despite the current economic climate; and
  • The conference is a worthwhile and important event for our members.

I’m confident in the support of our members, sponsors and CAPL friends.

Look forward to seeing you in St. John’s in September.

Colin McKinnon
2016 CAPL Conference Chair

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