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Pad Site Sharing Agreement Draft # 3

Thank you to all who provided comments on Draft #3 of the model Pad Site Sharing Agreement. The final version of the document is complete and has been endorsed by CAPL. It will be posted following endorsement by PJVA. The materials presented on this page are not current, but have been retained for context while waiting for the final release.


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  • Fort McMurray First Nation Distances Itself from Jane Fonda. – Press Release.

Farmer’s Advocate Office Newsletter

Alberta Land Surveyor’s Association

CAPP/CAPL/SEPAC Recommended Practice

ERCB – Freehold Lease Issue


National Energy Board

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Alberta Government Oil Sands Tenure Regulations

Alberta Government Sustainable Resource Development

Alberta Government Surface Rights Act

Alberta Government Bill 9

Alberta Government Royalty Framework

Alberta Government Shallow Rights Reversion

Alberta Government Land-use Framework

The Land-use Framework charts new direction in how land-use decisions are made in Alberta. It provides a strategic blueprint for all levels of government and Albertans as we make decisions today about the province we want in the future.

The Land-use Framework, the Public Survey and Public Submission report and the Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups Review report are on the LUF website

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Manitoba Government

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