On Monday May 7th, noon to 1:30, we are holding a resource rally at the BC Legislature buildings. This date was chosen because the legislature is sitting that day and we want to relay a message to stop politicking our resource industries.

I would appreciate your assistance to get the word out and in getting people to participate. 

This is about resource people standing up for each other and their jobs, it’s about bringing people together… and it is about standing up to the activist’s antics that target our industries and divide our communities.

It doesn’t matter if it’s mining, fish farming, LNG, oil and natural gas, or forestry, we’ve seen the same activists coordinate to kill our jobs… they create controversies that politicians and public react to. The result is hurting communities, perpetuating poverty, creating uncertainty and dividing our citizens.

It’s time for our resource communities to come together.
On Monday we need a lot of people!

Part of the message is to convey that it is in fact resource people that are our true Providers and Protectors. Through our industries we innovate, progress, create, invent, learn, teach, provide the things that keep society safe and healthy, and protect the things that we all cherish.
I am hoping I can count on you get the word out and help organize a good showing.

Please help circulate the event. A specific blast out to VI members and BCL members in other resource communities would be great!

The facebook event page is here.

This isn’t just about big industry. We want to show the faces of the 97% of the Canadian businesses that are small businesses employing 70% of the private labour force. These are resource people that contract to, service and supply resource industries.

Let’s let government know that when they say things about resource industries they are really talking specifically about resource people, and when they are trying to block everything they are really risking these people’s livelihoods.

These small biz folks and their employees are the service providers that provide catering, welding services, machine parts, etc. They are the service providers finding new ways to minimize footprint on the land. They are the surveyors that protect rights and the archaeologists that protect culture.

In my hometown there were about 30,000 people when I left there. In that community there were a couple of big employers – a mine and a pulp mill. I worked in both of those. These were the ‘big businesses’ and they employed around 2500 people. The rest of the business community serviced and supplied these industries.

Too often we hear that there are no jobs associated with natural resource proposals but thinking back to my hometown the resource people weren’t all in the big industries. The majority of them were in the service, supply and contract businesses.

When I think about natural resources in my town I think about: Southside Welding, BC Bearing, Ocean Pacific Marine, Campbell River Equipment Supply, Discovery Crane, CR All Truck, Daigle Crew Boat Building, CR Safety Centre, Thompson Trucking, A. Wood Bulldozing… and the list goes on. Now the aquaculture industry is serviced by that community and additionally includes net loft operations, feed supplies, fish processing, biological research & innovation, and environmental specialists.

These are the people we need to show up at the rally. These are the people that stand up for each other.

Steve Simons