The goal of the Professionalism portfolio is to increase recognition of landmen as professionals within the Oil and Gas Industry and with our stakeholders. The portfolio has the overall responsibility for handling matters with respect to the Professional designation programs, the professional conduct of all members, and handling disputes and claims with regard to ethical issues. Various sub-committees have been created to deal with these issues; the chairs of each of these sub-committees are listed below. Please feel free to contact them with specific questions.

As most members are probably aware, the two means of achieving professional recognition, which have been developed by our Association, are the designations of Professional Landman (P.Land), and Professional Surface Landman (PSL®). The course of action required to attain the P.Land or PSL® designations are set forth in the Professionalism Procedure document on the CAPL's website. Acquiring a P.Land, or PSL® designation is a method designed to provide a standard by which other landmen, industry members and groups, related government departments and the general public can be assured that the holder of the designations has developed a high level of professional competency and ethical conduct.

In support of the Professionalism Program, the Committee continues to have responsibility for screening all applicants, assigning and tracking credits for re-certification, updating the Professionalism Manual and the updating and preparing the P.Land and PSL® Exams. The professionalism manual sub-committee completed updating the 1999 CAPL Professionalism Manual in late 2009. The new manual continues to provide material for studying for the P.Land and PSL® Exams and is a valuable reference tool for all landmen.  The current CAPL Professionalism Manual is available for purchase through the CAPL office and is available on-line for CAPL members under the “Members Only” section. 2010 was the year to focus on the creation of the New Professionalism Exam to correspond with the New CAPL Professionalism Manual. The new exams were ready for membership in November 2010.

Another focus for 2010 included marketing the PSL® and P.Land designations within CAPL and with stakeholders, governments, and other industry organizations. The committee created the Professionalism Designation Guide which was sent to members and external organizations in December 2010. In order to remain competitive with the other disciplines in our industry, it is vital that landmen are considered professionals, equal in standing with geologists, geophysicists, engineers and accountants. Awareness is one key to reaching this goal. Currently, about 20% of our Association has one or both of the professional designations. In attempting to strengthen professionalism within our organization, this committee continues to examine additional avenues for improving the professional recognition of all members of the CAPL, in addition to looking at ways to further enhance the value of the designations. If you have any ideas for the committee to explore, please contact me through one of the avenues below.

The trademark sub-committee was created to register the two CAPL logos, P.Land and PSL®. In 2010, the CAPL logos and PSL® were successfully registered with the trademark office. The registration of the P.Land continues to be worked on into 2011.

In 2011 the committee plans to work with the Education Committee to create a Professionalism Manual Overview Course to be available for the membership in 2011/2012. Further to the member survey that we sent to membership in December 2010, we are reviewing the Professionalism Procedure and would welcome any suggestions from the CAPL membership.

The current sub-committees now in place and their chairs are set out as follows:

Professionalism Committee Chair Heather Stables Fofonoff, P.Land
Certification  Chair Ian Ross, P.Land
Re-certification Chair Darren Clarke, PSL
Course Review Chair Rob Pitchford, PSL
Education Liaison Rob Pitchford, PSL
Professionalism Manual Updates Co-Chairs  
Field Acquisition Management Liaison James McCorquodale
Public Relations Liaison  
Olds College Liaison  
Ethics Chair Brad Goodfellow
Ethics Vice-Chair Guy Anderson, P.Land

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