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2020 CAPL Conference Education Courses To Be Announced

Education Courses


De-Stress Through Deep Breaths - Encana Auditorium
3 CAPL Credits

Learn how to utilize the breath and other relaxation techniques to calm down and manage the stress of today’s modern world. Ease away muscle tension, balance the nervous system and start the day off right with this fabulous relaxation and stress management course taught be Simone Hodgkinson. Be ready to lie down comfortably in business casual dress and feel free to bring along your yoga mat.

Presented By: Simone Hodgkinson - Bio TBA.

Interpreting Economic Evaluations (Reserves 101) - Encana Auditorium
3 CAPL Credits

What is the relevance of the reserve report and asset evaluation with regards to an acquisition or disposition? Why do the reserve figures for some assets or companies change dramatically? Is there something ‘shifty’ going on when a company carries 3 different reserve figures for an asset? If you are an NI 51-101 expert, you will have all these answers, otherwise you should drop in and hear what we have to say.

This seminar will explain the need, process and methods of estimating and categorization of oil and gas reserves. Of course, we will explore NI 51-101 and its relevance to the oil and gas industry in Canada. And finally, we will discuss the elements of an asset evaluation, critical for all acquisition and disposition activity.

Presented By: Keith Carr - Keith Carr has spent nearly four decades working in the oil and gas industry and has been sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with students for many years. His experience spans many of the technical disciplines including geology, drilling, completions, production engineering and facility design, construction and operation. Keith has worked with both conventional and unconventional resources and he has been involved with the elements of asset evaluations from the start of his career. In 2006, Keith took on a role as an instructor and he continues with this today. He is the instructor for the 2-day “Evaluation of Canadian Oil and Gas Properties for Landmen” course and has created and presented the half-day Acquisition and Disposition seminars offered by CAPL in 2019.

PJVA Course - ConocoPhillips Auditorium
3 CAPL Credits

There’s a fine line where Mineral Land business ends and Joint Venture business begins. And, there’s often a misunderstanding about how Joint Ventures interacts with other business units within an oil and gas company.  As an oil and gas employee, having a basic understanding of Joint Venture agreements and processes can help to increase your understanding of the value chain of our business and enhance job effectiveness. Joint Venture specialists are involved to help strategize with the property teams and begin negotiating infrastructure requirements with the companies developing the area.  JV deals with various non-standard complexities each day that involve finance, operations, facilities, partners, production, contracts, and more.

Once the strategy has been decided and if a Gas Plant and/or Gathering System is the solution, Joint Ventures would negotiate the terms of the Joint Venture, and draft a CO&O which provides details on how the facilities will be constructed, owned, developed and managed, who the Operator will be, how costs will be shared, how production will be allocated, how excess capacity usage will be administered, and revenue shared. Third party production is also a factor that requires Joint Venture management on behalf of the Owners in a CO&O agreement.

Join us for a ½ day presentation on Joint Venture Business and the benefits of having knowledgeable joint venture staff handling your business negotiations, contracts and partnerships to ensure the opportunities are optimized and obligations effectively managed.

Presented By: PJVA

Indigenous Relations - ConocoPhillips Auditorium
3 CAPL Credits

Every Indigenous community is unique and are looking to play its role in developing Canada’s resources.  The relationship between the energy industry and Canada’s Indigenous people is a vital one and of ever increasing importance.  This course will explore the history of treaty, non-treaty and traditional territories with a focus on indigenous engagement, the importance of building “personal” relationships and partnerships with the members of the indigenous communities.  This topic will cover discussion from 3 different perspectives starting with a review of various commercial agreements followed by a corporate view looking at effective personal relationship building, partnership development and engagement with communities. Lastly, we will learn firsthand and gain insight from a highly respected Chief as he shares his personal views regarding challenges communities and industry are facing including what works and what does not and how we can work together to find solutions to move forward.  During the final open discussion, course participants will be encouraged to share their experiences and learnings.

Presented By: William Laurin - Mr. Laurin is a senior energy and natural resource professional with over 25 years of private legal practice and general counsel experience specializing in Western Canadian natural resource transactions and joint ventures, including private equity funded exploration, production, infrastructure and service partnerships with indigenous communities.  Prior to practicing law Bill spent a number of years in industry as an exploration geophysicist, and his combined technical, business and legal background and experience give him broad exposure to proactive risk management, governance and compliance, dispute resolution and litigation management. He regularly publishes and presents scholarly and business development articles, both nationally and internationally, on a variety of topics of interest to the energy industry.  He currently practices with EnerNEXT Partners in Calgary.

Afternoon "CAPL" Talks

During the afternoons of both days of the conference, we are planning to invite speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds to give “Ted Style Talks” about their respective disciplines.  These talks are to be short, powerful and engaging (10-15 minutes in length) with the main goal being to showcase the variety of disciplines we as landmen are exposed to every day and ultimately provide them with tools, thoughts and ideas that can inspire and challenge them to be better landmen and champions of their company and industry.

Wednesday September 18, 2019
The 3 R's of Decision Making: Right Information, Right People, Right Time
XI Technologies
1:45pm - 2:05pm
Novel Fungi-Based Approaches to Remediation Methods for the Alberta Oil Sands
Kelcie Miller-Anderson - MycoRemedy
2:10pm - 2:30pm
Alberta: Home to the World's Safest Crude Oil, Transports As a Solid
Cal Broder
2:35pm - 2:55pm
Millenials, Bananas and What Your Employees Will Say After You Die
Simone Brown
3:00pm - 3:20pm
The Power of One On One Communication and Relations
Mary Tidlund
3:25pm - 3:40pm
The Power of AI as it Related to Land
3:45pm - 4:00pm


Thursday September 19, 2019
Noise Control & Regulations for Oil & Gas
Justin Caskey - Patching Associates
1:45pm - 2:05pm
Conflict Mitigation in Complex Multiparty Stakeholder Environments
Mark Szabo
2:10pm - 2:30pm
Sale Agreement Recent Trends
Brian Bidyk - McCarthy Tetrault
2:35pm - 2:55pm
Taking Action for Our Energy Industry
Canada Action
3:00pm - 3:20pm
Overcoming Adversity - The Value of Teamwork
Ryan Straschnitzki and Chris Cederstrand
3:30pm - 4:15pm