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Wellness Session

April 8, 2021

Time: 11:30 - 12:30
Location: Virtual

Becoming Unstuck To Create Resiliency

In this inspiring and insightful presentation, we uncover 4 simple reasons that cause people to get stuck in their lives:

  •   Debilitating Thoughts and Fears
  •   Lack of Creative Thinking
  •   Unsupportive Habits and
  •   High Pressured Expectations

You will discover strategies to gain the momentum needed to get past self-inflicted resistance preventing you from moving forward. When energy is focused on what is possible instead of what is no longer available, new opportunities suddenly begin to show up in an exciting new way.

If you are looking for some tools and insights to become ‘unstuck’, it’s time to make a change. Brenda will help you get back on track and be more productive, one small step at a time.


Brenda Kolasa, Business Success Coach


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