Election Information

The CAPL Board of Directors for the 2019/2020


Thank you for voting, the election results are as follows:

President, by acclamation Kristin Rennie
Vice President, by acclamation Shaun Williams
Past President, Noel Millions, PSL

The Six (6) New Directors by Election are:
Director: Marah Graham
Director: Janice Redmond
Director: Tim Galbreath
Director: Jeff Rideout, P. Land
Director: Alexis Watson
Director: Bill Schlegel, P. Land

Your Continuing Directors are:

Director: Jacquie Farquhar
Director: Wade McLeod
Director: Kathryn Gagne
Director: Justin Sullivan
Director: Amy Kalmbach, P. Land
Director: Kyle Huntley, P. Land

On behalf of your election committee – Steve Brisebois, Greg Strachan and Noel Millions – and on behalf of the Board at CAPL, we wish to thank all who ran in this year’s election, and those who contemplated as such. As we mentioned at the meeting, the difference between being elected or not was by only 4 votes; not only did every single vote count, but we can easily see we had a terrific slate. The motion to destroy the ballots was passed at the meeting.