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2018 CAPL Election

Pursuant to Article X of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen (CAPL), and pursuant to the nominees being one (1) nominee(s) for the position of President, the one (1) nominee(s) for the position of Vice President, and the six (6) nominees for the seven (7) open positions of Director on the CAPL Board, we hereby declare each is standing unopposed and therefore acclaimed.

The nominee for the position of President stands unopposed since no further nominations were received for this position. The nominee is as follows:

President:                             Noel Millions, PSL

The nominee for the position of Vice President stands unopposed since no further nominations were received for this position. The nominee is as follows:

Vice President:                     Kristin Rennie

The nominees for the positions of Director of CAPL stand unopposed since no further nominations were received for these positions. The nominees are as follows in alphabetical order:

Director:                                    Jacquie Farquhar
Director:                                    Kathryn Gagne
 Director:                                    Kyle Huntley, CML
Director:                                    Amy Kalmbach, P. Land
Director:                                    Wade McLeod
Director:                                    Justin Sullivan

In alphabetical order:

Director:                                    Robyn Baron, PSL, P. Land
Director:                                    Larry Buzan, P. Land, Past President
Director:                                    Tim Galbreath
Director:                                    Glenn Miller, PSL
Director:                                    Janice Redmond

Although the current Directors remaining on the CAPL Board for the next year typically and understandably should have the first call on retaining or changing their portfolio, this year the Nomination Committee required that the nominees espouse their positions to the membership to aid us all in both supporting the nominees’ positions and views while helping the Board best match the interests and skill sets of the newly elected candidates when choosing the newly appointed candidates’ portfolios on the Board in May of 2018 for the next 2-year term.

Although the candidates each identified one or more of their preferred portfolios which are listed in their candidacy bio’s, the President and Vice President, however, still have the sole discretion to assign or re-assign these or any of the other portfolios to the newly elected Directors as is seen fit to best serve the needs of the Board and the CAPL.

The new Director-elects will be presented at the April 26th Annual Meeting, Election and Merit Awards dinner at the Westin Hotel.

For a more detailed background on each of the unopposed candidates, please check out the Election Biographies Here.

Respectively submitted,

Your CAPL 2018 Election Nominating Committee:
Larry Buzan, P. Land, Outgoing President CAPL and Past President CAPL, Chairman
Noel Millions, PSL, Outgoing Vice President CAPL
Nikki Sitch, P.Land, PSL