Merit Awards

2019 Nomination Form

The Merit Awards Committee needs your input to ensure proper recognition of the outstanding volunteer contributions made by our members and friends of the Association, and to ensure that the Award Recipients continue to reflect the high standards of commitment and dedication to the Association and to the community as they have in the past.


1. CAPL Award of Merit

Up to three (3) awards will be made to CAPL Members who have made significant contributions to the Association by their participation on committees and in special events during 2018. The Executive and Directors are exempt and at least one (1) winner must not be a Committee Chairman.

2. Volunteer Supporter Award

One (1) award will be given to a company that has actively encouraged its employees to get involved in our industry and Association. CAPL is run by volunteers, and we would like to recognize those companies who give their full support to their employees’ participation.

3. Friends of CAPL Award

Up to eight (8) awards will be made to companies or individuals that have made significant contributions to our Association. In valuing the contributions, special consideration shall be given to the types of contributions or services provided to the Association, and any forms of non-monetary support.