The CAPL Energy In Action Committee (formerly Government Strategy Committee) and the CAPL Board have been in discussions with Cody Battershill with Canada Action to create a partnership to work together to inform the public and government bodies about the facts relating to the Energy Industry.


  • Cody Battershill is a Calgary Realtor who has a passion for getting to the bottom of (truth of) issues relating to oil and gas.   Cody created Canada Action as a result of hearing a ton of misinformation about the Alberta Oil Sands while in Vancouver.  He has spent an amazing amount of time researching the facts and created Canada Action as a result of what he uncovered. Cody has presented to CAPL a number of times relating to timely issues for our industry and has provided information to us on how to get involved.  He has also been on the radio a number of times successfully debating  and providing information to the general public.


  • Canada Action is a volunteer-led grassroots movement encouraging Canadians to take action and work together in support of our vital natural resources sector.   It is critical to educate Canadians about the social and economic benefits provided by the resource sector.


  • We (oil and gas community) have been silent for far too long and Canada Action has a great process and team set up to create change, educate, and inform.  The CAPL Energy in Action committee was created to increase the voice of industry.  Quite frankly it looks strange when organizations like Canada Action, Canada’s Energy Citizens, and Oil Respect are speaking out loudly while the folks on the front line are remaining silent.
  • Our members’ main strength is our ability to foster positive relationships and negotiate even the most difficult situations. The struggle to have our voice heard and be recognized in the provincial, national and international discussions, that go on every day, surrounding our business, and the challenges it faces, need this strength and leadership in order to be successful.  We need a seat at the table with the decision maker and we need a voice of reason (truth) in the media.
  • We are the subject matter experts relating to land; we can provide templates to our members and to Canada Action to disseminate to their community to blast out to the folks who need a better understanding.
  • We want to make it easy for our members to participate and make a difference and this partnership will allow us to do this more easily – why reinvent the wheel?

How Can I Help?

  • Add CAPL, Canada Action, Oil Respect and Canada Energy Citizens on social media and share their posts (see below for info).
  • Get to know your MLA and MP – contact each of them monthly.  Chat with them, email them, text them… get to know them.
  • Send out template letters created by CAPL’s Energy in Action Committee or Canada Action, or create and send your own
  • Volunteer with the Energy In Action committee
  • Volunteer with Canada Action and attend events
  • Fund Canada Action individually and have your company donate; Canada Action’s hard work helps our industry get things done.  Here is the link to donate: https://canadaaction.nationbuilder.com/donate

Look for Canada Action (and Cody Battershill) at upcoming CAPL Events/Meetings and ask him about ways to help stand up for our industry and inform the public!!

Websites:  http://www.energycitizens.ca/; CanadaAction.ca; oilrespect.ca; landman.ca
Facebook.com: Canada Action, OilSandsAction, oilrespect, CAPL
Twitter @CanadaAction @OilSandsAction @PipelineAction @CAPLCanadian @oilrespect  @energy_citizens

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Gary Richardson, PSL
Chair, CAPL E=MC2

Links & Letters


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Federal Member of Parliament: http://www.elections.ca/scripts/vis/FindED?L=e&PAGEID=20
Alberta Provincial MLA: http://streetkey.elections.ab.ca/
BC Provincial MLA: https://www.leg.bc.ca/learn-about-us/members
SK Provincial MLA: http://www.elections.sk.ca/voters/find-my-mla/
MB Provincial MLA: http://www.electionsmanitoba.ca/en/voting/mla