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Formation Finder, Table of Formations for Western Canada
This site provides new, free, searchable, table of formations. Digital stratigraphic charts for Western Canada, where all formations can be searched and pin-pointed electronically. Formation Finder is an interactive way to search the table of formations for all the Western Canadian Provinces.

Agreements for Unconventional Projects Presentation (Jim MacLean) – September 26, 2011

Alberta’s Oil Sands Information

Alberta Sale Results (Petroleum and Natural Gas/Oil Sands)

Core Lab Stratigraphic Correlation Chart

When you open the Stratigraphic Chart you can adjust the size by using the plus sign next to the percentage on the top tool bar. To enable the search feature and look up all instances of a particular zone or formation press Ctrl – F.

Life Cycle of a Well from Drilling to Abandonment.

Oil and Gas Illustrated Glossary.

Oil and Gas Glossary of Terms.

Conversion Table

1 Meter = 3.28 feet
1 Kilometer = 0.62 mile
1 Mile = 5280 feet
1 Acre = 208.51 feet on each side
1 Hectar = 2.47 acres
1 Barrel of Oil = 35 Imperial Gallons or 159 liters
1 Cubic meter of Oil = 6.3 barrels
1 Ton of oil = 7.5 barrels of oil
1 Cubic meter = 35.3 cubic feet of Natural Gas
1 Gigajoule = 0.95 thousand cubic feet of natural gas at 1000BTU per cubic feet = 0.165

A complete measurement converter including volume, weight, length, area and temperature.