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Constructive Conflict Management (PSL) POSTPONED

March 19, 2020

Time: 09:00 - 16:00
Location: CAPL Office Suite 1600, 520 5th Ave SW


This seminar is intended for individuals who deal with conflict in the workplace on a regular basis and require a platform to better deal with it.

NOTE: This course is also know as "Dealing With Difficult People" and please note that there is a 15 - 20% overlap in material between Constructive Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills for Surface Land Agents.


The instructor will discuss how and why conflict occurs in the workplace and discuss solutions for dealing with it and avoiding it in the future. Topics will include professionalism, defusing angry and aggressive subjects, and understanding why people act as they do during conflicts. Both presentations and interactive discussion will be used throughout the course to help identify the difference between people"s positions and their interests.  The course will conclude with an interactive skills practice session focusing on newly learned Active Listening Skills.


Registration Fee includes beverages and snacks.
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Gary McDougall

Gary has 25 years of policing experience in which he has gained valuable experience in the area of communicating in conflict and dealing with difficult people. He has spent 8 years as a Hostage/Crisis Negotiator with the Calgary Police Service, 6 years as a Training Coordinator for all police conflict resolution in Calgary and has been a Presenter/Facilitor at the FBI Training Academy in Quantico, Virginia.  Gary is currently a trainer and facilitator with Conflict Solutions.