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2015 CAPL Operating Procedure

October 14, 2020

Time: 09:00 - 16:00
Location: CAPL Office Suite 1600, 520 5th Ave SW


This seminar is intended for anyone who is seeking to learn about the 2015 Operating Procedure.   All experience levels are welcome, but it should be noted that the course is premised on the assumption that attendees will have a good level of understanding about the 1990 CAPL Operating Procedure, as the focus of the seminar is on differences relative to the 1990. rather than the basics of the Operating Procedure.


This one day course is an overview of the 2015 CAPL Operating Procedure focused specifically on the changes between the 1990 document and the 2007/2015 document. It is meant to enable personnel to appreciate substantive differences between the 1990 and the 2007/2015 documents.

Registration Fee includes beverages and snacks.
Save $50 when you register at least 3 weeks in advance! Prices will increase 3 weeks prior to the course.


Jim MacLean

Jim MacLean currently manages a consulting practice through MacLean Resource Management Ltd. He has a broad range of experience from his prior assignment as Manager, Mineral Land Asset Management at Repsol Oil & Gas Canada Inc., his earlier  consulting practice and his prior assignments with Chevron in  Frontier, conventional Western Canadian negotiations, Acquisitions and Divestments, Planning and as Manager, Land.   He is also a graduate of Dalhousie Law School.

He has worked directly on a number of industry standarization and work process improvement initiatives, and has been the principal draftsman of a number of industry documents.   These include: (i) the  2015, 2007 and 1990 CAPL Operating Procedures; (ii) the 2015 and1997 CAPL Farmout & Royalty Procedure;  and (iii) the 2000 CAPL Property Transfer Procedure and the 2017 update to that document.    He has been a long time  instructor at CAPL courses on the Operating Procedure and the Farmout and Royalty Procedure.