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Mineral Engagement Speaker Session 2 Presented by Gowlings

2nd Session

March 3, 2020

Time: 11:30 - 13:30
Location: CAPL Office Suite 1600, 520 5th Ave SW

CAPL Mineral Engagement presents 3 distinct lunch hour speaker sessions taking place over the next few months. Each session will be followed by a Q&A to share ideas, issues and experiences to assist mineral landmen in our continually evolving role. 

1st Session – Tuesday, February 11th – Presented by 360 Energy Liability Management

ARO Metrics in Deal Valuations: a 30-minute presentation and discussion introducing several metrics to benchmark liabilities when reviewing acquisition targets

2nd Session – Tuesday, March 3rd – Presented by Gowlings

Practical Tips for purchasing assets as part of the CCAA and receivership process

3rd Session – Wednesday, April 8th – Presented by OWA’s Lars DePauw and CAPP’s Richard Wong

Insights on the OWA’s organizational change, what the future holds, the OWA’s role in insolvencies post Redwater and perspectives and CAPP’s work on liability management

Please register for each session you wish to attend

Members $10.00 per session
Non Members $15.00  per session

Available on a first sign up basis.

Lunch will be provided