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Freehold Mineral Lease

May 7, 2024

Time: 09:00 - 16:00
Location: CALEP Office In Person


This seminar is intended for industry personnel who require a detailed knowledge of freehold mineral rights. Anyone who is taking this seminar should previously have taken CALEP's Oil and Gas Law or an equivalent course and/or have several years of experience in land.


The instructor will discuss the Torrens System in Alberta (with some reference to Saskatchewan), the concept of indefeasibility and its qualification, historical searches, registration and caveating issues. The instructor will then review the nature and ownership of oil and gas in place, covering such issues as: the rule of capture and legal and regulatory entitlement to various substances such as coal bed methane. The topics to be covered under the Freehold Oil and Gas Lease will be: the principle features of the lease, its standard clauses, the formalities of completion and execution of the lease, the termination of the lease, and top leasing. A review of current court and regulatory decisions regarding freehold leases will complete the day.  Throughout the seminar the instructor will reference the leading Canadian court cases and legislation affecting the issues discussed.


Paul M. Negenman:

Mr. Negenman has almost 30 years experience and has practised almost exclusively in oil and gas matters, with a particular focus on freehold lease issues and acquisitions and dispositions.  He is currently a partner at Lawson Lundell LLP.