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As I enter my 5th month as Director of the Membership portfolio, I thought it was prudent to formally introduce myself and provide my perspective thus far, from the lens of a new Director.

In September, I was approached by the Board to step into a Director position, under the Membership portfolio. Having been a CALEP member for the past 11 years, sitting on numerous committees, and a passionate advocate for our industry, I gladly accepted the offer.

I have spent the last 5 months getting brought up to speed and learning the ropes, so to speak. I now have a better understanding of the mandate and vision of this Board as well as a great deal of respect for the volunteer hours required to keep the wheels seamlessly turning.

As the industry continues to face significant challenges, our Board and our volunteers are working diligently to protect our Association, so that we can continue to service the needs of our members. Being nimble, proactive, and adaptable are paramount in times like these.

The current Board consists of 11 diverse portfolios, and as such, the CALEP has a far-reaching span of influence and a tremendous amount of opportunity. From educational courses, advocacy efforts in the regulatory space, and social functions offering professional networking, Members are well positioned to leverage these opportunities for personal and professional growth.

From the lens of a new Director, I believe this Board is well positioned to ride out these waves of uncertainty. As we move into 2020, under the Membership portfolio, we will continually assess the dynamic and ever-changing state of our industry to ensure that the Association is well protected, and that we are continuing to provide relevant and meaningful benefits, while recognizing the diverse, and evolving needs of our Members.


Amanda White

Director, Membership